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Willow's Way Patterns


A quintessential design that is perfect for fall.  The pleated skirt, done up in a plaid, with a vest and tam of soft felt, along with a tee shirt for warmth, is perfect for any occasion.





Could you find a more scrumptious outfit for the season?  Imagine this set in a soft, baby wale corduroy, or the lightest weight wool you can find. Add a contrasting color for the collar, cuffs and trim and she will look like she just stepped out of a fashion magazine.




Here is an easy, drop-waist style jumper.  It will look terrific with the turtleneck style tee shirt of stretch knit.  Pair it with some coordinating tights or leggings and little buckle shoes for the perfect elementary school uniform.




This outfit pattern, consisting of a jacket, top and capris, was designed to go with a little doll named “Paris”, who wore a very pretty sundress in red, white and blue.  But it has so many different possibilities, in any color combination! 




A sweet little summer coat and hat pattern….or it could be a winter outfit too.   It comes with a darling pin-tucked dress...just the right kind of ensemble for a special little girl.  How about a tweed coat and hat with velvet collar and hat?




A delightful summer outfit pattern with “mix and match” ideas for a dress, long pants, shorts or pedal pushers, two different types of tops, and a darling sunhat.  Think pastels, checks, stripes, or florals…...The Skies the Limit!




It is a 7-piece pattern that consists of a petticoat, slip, teddy, bloomers, a camisole top, and panties, as well as stockings pattern of different lengths.  The top and bloomers could become a sunsuit, the petticoat a summer dress, and the teddy could be a playsuit.  So many ideas, so little time!




This pattern gives you a broad range of different outfits to create.  With one bodice, either as a sleeveless top or 2 different sleeve lengths for versatility.  A hat pattern is also included.




The road to (possible) baseball stardom starts here. Done up in the colors of his favorite baseball team, who could ask for anything more?   Or wait…I think this little outfit could work perfectly for a set of a little guys pj’s, wouldn’t you agree?




Kip will look extremely cool in this casual three-piece set.  The pants could be anything from cargo pants type fabric to soft corduroy.  A complementary plain or plaid vest would add real class, and white or even a colored tee shirt would finish it off.


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